eBobing the Goose

Last week I did my first ever biking and camping trip. Over 210 km biking from Victoria to Swartz Bay return, then Victoria past Sooke to the end of the Galloping Goose trail, staying at the Sooke River campground, returning to Victoria then driving to Courtenay the...

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Have fun and Volunteer too!

eBob Trailers is looking for energetic, fun-loving, bicycle riders who would like to spend several days demonstrating an island made electric back of bike trailer. eBob Trailers will be in Victoria, BC for the weekend of July 27 – July 30 and seeks volunteers for the...

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eBob Trailers

Canadian made electric back-of-bike trailers with disc brakes, signal lights, lockable cargo space and long range 36 volt 20 amp hour lithium ion batteries. They attach to any bicycle that takes a trailer hitch.


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