Is there a proper way to load a trailer?

Yes, place heavier objects in the bottom toward the front in packing crates to avoid load shift and bucking.

How fast do eBob trailers go?
Our trailers are programmed to turn the motor off at 32 km/hr, to keep within legal speed limits.
Are eBob Electric Back of Bike Trailers legal?
The laws on electric bikes/products vary by state & province. At this time, vehicles that run under 32 km/hr are not prosecuted. That said, it is up to the customer to understand and comply with local laws.
How long do eBob Trailers take to be delivered?
eBob Trailers are made to order, so delivery time will vary.
Does the battery recharge as I go downhill?
Because the hub is freewheel, it is not possible to use it for regenerative charging. If it were, pedaling would be more tiring!
How can I go longer distances?
Spare batteries are your best option. Finding a recharge point where you can stop for lunch, dinner, or a walk, while you plug in the charger, is another option.
Can I use a solar powered charger?
This is probably not practical, given the very low output of most solar panels compared to the Satiator charger.
Can I attach an eBob to an electric trike?
Our trailers attach to any bike that takes a trailer hitch.
In the case of tricycles, it would have to be a bike with two wheels at the front.
If you have two wheels at the back the trailer would be off centre making the bike and trailer too wide.