We are sad to announce that in May 2018 our founder and friend Bob Huddart died after a short illness. Bob will be dearly missed by all of us, but his example of ethical entrepreneurship, his sense of humour and his deep well of wisdom, peace and love will inspire us for years to come. Thanks Bob!


eBob Trailers are Canadian made electric back-of-bike trailers with disc brakes, signal lights, lockable cargo space and long range 36 volt 20 amp hour lithium ion batteries. They attach to any bicycle that takes a trailer hitch.

eBob Trailers come in either wood or aluminum, and are available in 3 sizes (Adventurer, Ranger, Explorer), each with 3 levels of features (Basic; Deluxe; and Ultra). They are ideal for anyone that wants or has a bike. Select your preferred eBob below.

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We use only top quality components and materials making a high end, durable hand crafted trailer that will last for many years.

While we offer a Basic model without motors, batteries and rear lights, we recommend the Ultra package with two motors, two batteries, brakes, rear lights, and display console. This package also includes controllers and a charger.

The Deluxe package means your eBob comes equipped with one motor, one battery, brakes, rear lights, and display console. The Deluxe and Basic packages make excellent additions to electric bikes.

Depending on these and a number of other variables, prices range from $4,000 to $9,000 +. Please note that there is a $500 discount for those who can pick up their eBob from us.

Bicycles are the most common form of transportation in the world. Twice as many bicycles are manufactured each year in North America as cars. In the past decade, the number of bicycle commuters in North America has doubled.

With an increasing focus on personal and planetary health, eBobs could be the right product at the right time to empower more people to jump on their bikes and go for a ride.

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